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Expanded state foreclosure mediation program seeing more cases

September 18, 2013 -- An expanded state foreclosure mediation program is showing far more promise for homeowners than its 2012 launch, a virtual nonstarter. Read More


Rural Oregon left behind in state's economic turnaround

August 28, 2013 -- Oregon's rural areas, once the backbone of the state's natural resource economy, are at risk of a downward spiral that could leave them poor and empty for decades, state economists warned Wednesday. Read More


Housing Pulse Surveys

July 25, 2013 -- NAR's tenth Housing Pulse Survey shows a stronger environment for home sales and home ownership and less concern about jobs and foreclosures than in 2011. While economic uncertainties remain, it's clear that Americans are more upbeat about real estate sales and home ownership. Read More


Industrial lands should be a top priority for Legislature: Agenda 2013

June 3, 2013 -- When the Oregon Legislature turns its attention to business, it often acts like a child in a toy store. The new, cool industries get checked out first. Sometimes the cool economic toys live up to expectations -- Oregon's growing beer and wine industries, for example. Sometimes they don't deliver on the state's investments; solar companies are the poster child for this group. Read More


Democrats' tax plan fails, PERS cuts approved in Oregon House

April 24, 2013 -- Hours of tense debate and dramatic votes Wednesday in the Oregon House left a Democratic tax-increase plan in tatters, while Republicans were unable to stop a public pension reform plan they have mocked as "PERS Lite." Read More


Oregon House weighs pariah tax bill

April 18, 2013 -- A bill to tax some business transactions could make Oregon a pariah in the wonky world of 1031 exchange investing. House Bill 3433, pending in front of the House Revenue Committee, would place Oregon in rare company among states who tax investors on capital gains even if they reinvest in comparable property, be it rail cars or real estate. Read More