Our Team

Executive Committee

Nan Wimmers

Mid-Columbia Association of REALTORS®

Lori Palermo

Springfield Board of REALTORS®

Steve Strode

Immediate Past President
Portland Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®

Gary Majors

Portland Metro Association of REALTORS®

Angela Stuckart

District 2 VP - COAST & VALLEY
Willamette Association of REALTORS®

Grace Bergen

District 3 Vice President – Lane County
Springfield Board of REALTORS®

Teresa Zamora

District 4 Vice President – Southwest Oregon
Coos County Board of REALTORS®

Jill Russel

District 5 VP - HIGH DESERT
Klamath County Association of REALTORS®

Dean Kegler

District 6 Vice President – Columbia Gorge & Eastern Oregon
Columbia Basin Board of REALTORS®

Drew Coleman

Business Issues Key Committee Chair
Portland Metro Association of REALTORS®

Randy Shaw

Government Affairs Key Committee Chair
Klamath County Association of REALTORS®

Adam Schwend

Political Affairs Key Committee Chair
Tillamook Association of REALTORS®

Joni McClintock

Professional Development Key Committee Chair
Mid-Valley Association of REALTORS®

Eva Sanders

Finance Review Committee
Portland Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®

Debra Gisriel

RPAC Trustee Chair
Klamath County Board of REALTORS®


Jenny Pakula, Esq., CAE, RCE

Chief Executive Officer

Jenny currently serves as OAR’s Chief Executive Officer, responsible for all aspects of planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating the staff programs and activities of the Association. Additionally, she is responsible for assisting with the Association's Legal Hotline and providing programs and services which help members reduce and manage their risks of doing business. She is an instructor on many topics and travels throughout the state teaching risk management courses. She is responsible for RPAC fundraising, procuring sponsorships and affinity programs, and is staff liaison to the HOME Foundation, Business Issues Key Committee, and Professional Standards and Legal Action Committees.

Erin Murphy

Chief Financial Officer

Erin oversees the accounting, budgeting, and finances of the association and its entities. Additionally, she is responsible for the financial stewardship and financial strategy to ensure they line up with the association’s strategic plan, mission and values.

Jeremy Rogers

Political Advocacy Director and Staff Counsel

Jeremy is responsible for the Legal Affairs of the Association and for initiating and coordinating the Association’s political communication and grassroots advocacy strategy at the local, state, and federal levels. He also serves as staff liaison to the Issues Mobilization Committee, RPAC Trustees, and Government Affairs and Political Affairs Key Committees.

Lori Broncheau

Executive Assistant

Lori provides administrative support to the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors. She is also the staff liaison to the Elections and REALTOR® of the Year Committees. Additionally, she assists local associations with organizational standards and supports OAR leadership with activities at the national level.

Kayla Lowery

Education Manager

Kayla is responsible for implementing the Professional Development plans created by the volunteer leadership. She leads the day-to-day management of our education department and serves as the staff liaison to the Professional Development Key Committee and Diversity Committee.

Dawn Radcliff


Dawn assists the General Counsel with all matters relating to legal affairs, including the legal hotline and association governance issues, the Business Issues Key Committee, Professional Standards and Legal Action Committee.  She also serves as Professional Standards Administrator for several local associations and the State Professional Standards Committee. She also supports the Government Affairs Director with administrative tasks in coordination of the Key Committees related to government and political affairs.

Jan Presley

RPAC Coordinator

Jan handles all financial aspects of the REALTOR PAC and is responsible for ensuring that all State and Federal compliance requirements for RPAC are met, including filings for RPAC financial information with the appropriate government entity in a timely manner. She also provides A/P support services to the Finance Director with bookkeeping and accounting activities in daily, monthly, and annual cycles.

Lindy Rickert

Marketing & Communication Manager

Lindy is responsible for all association communications activities through a strategic approach to messaging, brand, and channels with a specific emphasis on new and emerging media. Through member and executive communications, education and event marketing, and media relations, she works closely with all programs of the association to meet their communications needs and deliver member value for their efforts through the most effective and efficient tools.


Gretchen Kronenberg

Membership & Finance Coordinator

Gretchen is responsible for coordination, maintenance, and processing of the Association’s computerized member records database and subsequent reporting.  In that way, she interfaces specifically with local associations for whom OAR is the point of entry for member information.  She also provides support services to the Finance Director with bookkeeping and accounting activities in daily, monthly, and annual cycles

Katie Moore

Education Assistant

Katie has been with the association for over three years. During her time with OAR, Katie has served the membership as the Receptionist and recently promoted to the Education Assistant. As the Education Assistant, Katie supports the day-to-day functions of the department, answers membership questions about education, and is the point of contact for Oregon's GRI designation.

Kasey Dorschel

Receptionist/Administrative Support

Kasey is the first person you see when visiting the office. Her primary role is to serve as the communication hub and member liaison to help answer questions and direct inquiries quickly and efficiently. Kasey also manages the Legal Hotline program. She is a key member of the administrative team that keeps the Association office running on a daily basis. 

Shaun Jillions, Deckert Jillions LLP

Chief Lobbyist

As a consultant to the Association via Deckert Jillions LLP, Shaun is responsible for lobbying the State Legislature and Executive Branch agencies on behalf of REALTOR® interests, developing legislative and regulatory strategy, and providing legal analysis of legislative and regulatory proposals.  In addition, Shaun advises on the grassroots and political affairs of the Oregon REALTORS® as well as RPAC activities.