Oregon REALTORS® Strategic Priorities

2020 – 2022 Oregon REALTORS® Strategic Priorities:

BETTER – We seek to be better by advancing the proficiency and professionalism of Oregon REALTORS®. We seek to improve core proficiency performance through communication, training and member engagement at all levels. We will host bi-annual forums to share key political, legal and organizational information with all members.

STRONGER – We plan to expand REALTOR® political strength in the Capitol and to all the corners of the state. This involves development of a key constituent training program, promoting resources, tools and creating guidelines for assistance with procurement of NAR grants. We will support REALTOR® friendly candidates advocating for private property rights.

LEAD – Advance the strategic leadership culture which exists within Oregon REALTORS®. We will continue to offer professional development for current and future leaders to lead a strategically focused organization. We will offer enhanced leadership training, certification programs and principal broker engagement.

SUPPORT – Increase member engagement and involvement with the Association. Be the go-to source for information and services for Oregon REALTOR® members, continue to promote and enhance the value proposition, and recruit engaged and well-informed members.

CONNECT – Use state-of-the-art techniques and tools to obtain, organize and analyze accurate and relevant information. We will focus on understanding the changing demographics of our membership in order to deliver relevant content and services.

Oregon REALTORS® Strategic Priorities 2020-2022