Professional Development

Professional Development is generally classified as any training or education that doesn’t qualify for Continuing Education credit through the Oregon Real Estate Agency (OREA) but is still a valuable skill or asset to have as a real estate professional, business owner, or sales person. Continuing Education courses are defined as classes that meet the OREA standards for CE and thus can be used to fulfill your licensing requirements.

Professional Development

We at OAR offer many professional development courses to continually build upon your knowledge base as sales and management real estate professionals. These can include leadership courses, tech seminars, motivational speakers, designations, etc.


Continuing Education

The Oregon Real Estate Agency mandates that all real estate licensees must take a minimum total of 30 continuing education (CE) hours, per renewal period. This includes a 3 hour Law & Rule Required CourseRead the OREA CE Brochure.

OAR offers CE throughout the year in various locations across the State. Check out the calendar for current courses.

Rules & Requirements

CE Certificates
Following each OAR CE course, CE certificates will be available via your Member Profile within a week.

If the course was not hosted by OAR, you will need to follow-up with the appropriate Certified Provider for questions.

We have provided this quick reference guide with directions on completing and tracking your 30 hours of CE each renewal period using the OREA record-keeping form and OAR certificates.

Past Courses
OAR only has records of the courses you have taken with us. If you have taken a course with another Certified Provider, you need to follow-up with them for questions.