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What is the HOME Foundation?Read More

The Oregon Association of REALTORS® HOME Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity that provides financial resources to create, expand, and encourage home ownership opportunities for Oregonians at or below local median income. It also promotes awareness of affordable housing issues by educating Oregonians and their representatives about the barriers to home ownership and the resources needed to increase housing affordability.

How are grants awarded?Read More

Grant applications are accepted through local REALTOR® association offices in October/November of each year. Grant amounts are determined by the HOME Foundation Board in December and checks are made available back to the local associations to distribute to the selected organizations.

How can I donate to the HOME Foundation?Read More

We believe that we can make a difference and help solve the affordable housing crisis, but we can't do it alone. We encourage you to join in our efforts by contributing to the OAR HOME Foundation in any of the following convenient ways:

  • Send a one-time tax deductible contribution to build our fund.
  • Commit to donating a smaller amount following each closed sale.
  • Make an annual pledge of your continued support.
  • Establish an interest-bearing escrow account with automatic contributions from deposited earnest money.

When you give to the HOME Foundation, your tax deductible donation is well-utilized as over 90% of the money raised goes directly to grant recipients each year.

Forms for Real Estate Brokers

Forms for Title Companies and Brokerages

Forms for Financial Institutions

How do I volunteer for an OAR committee?Read More

Want to make an impact on the future of your association and your profession? Help shape our direction by sharing your time, talents, and expertise as a volunteer on an OAR committee!

If you’re interested in serving on a committee, review the descriptions to determine which committee aligns best with your talents, interests and schedule.

The application deadline for applications for 2020 OAR Committees has passed. 

Watch for the 2021 application after Spring Governance meetings.

Who is on the Executive Committee?Read More

Executive Committee
The OAR Executive Committee is comprised of 15 volunteer member leaders who are elected by the Board of Directors. Their job is to implement the strategic plan of the Association and do the year-round work of the organization for the Board’s review bi-annually. Positions on the Executive Committee are:


  1. President-Elect
  2. Immediate Past President
  3. District 1 Vice President: Northwest Oregon
  4. District 2 Vice President: Coast & Valley
  5. District 3 Vice President: Lane County
  6. District 4 Vice President: Southwest Oregon
  7. District 5 Vice President: High Desert
  8. District 6 Vice President: Columbia Gorge & Eastern Oregon
  9. Business Issues Key Committee Chair
  10. Government Affairs Key Committee Chair
  11. Political Affairs Key Committee Chair
  12. Professional Development Key Committee Chair
  13. Finance Review Committee Chair (ex-officio)
  14. Political Action Committee Chair (ex-officio)

Current Executive Committee

Who is on the Board of Directors?Read More

Board of Directors
The OAR Board of Directors is made up of locally elected member representatives from each local association/board based on size along with the Executive Committee, NAR Directors, and active Past Presidents. The Board meets twice a year at the Spring and Fall Governance Meetings to approve the work of the Executive Committee and Key and Special Committees, including reviewing the Association financial documents, approving the annual strategic plan and budget, and electing new officers for the coming year.

Current Board of Directors

What are OAR's Bylaws & Policies?Read More

OAR has several rules and guidelines for the association. Bylaws are the fundamental rules and guidelines for the internal government of the organization. Board of Directors are bound to follow the bylaws. Policies are more in-depth rules for operating the association. These policies are approved by the BOD.

In addition to the Bylaws and Policies, OAR has created a Governance Primer. This is an exciting new publication that serves as a guide for Directors and to those who are attending their first OAR governance meeting.

OAR Bylaws 4-12-19- Approved by BOD

OAR Governance Procedures Guide_10.02.19

OAR Governance Policy Manual_10.02.19

Governance Primer