Offering Continuing Education


I’d like to offer a webinar to your members – what do I do?

Fantastic! Please email us to begin the process. We will send you a webform that asks you to provide more details about duration, learning objectives, instructor qualification, and compensation.

My company would like to offer CE. What do we do?

If you are a Local Board/Association, contact the Oregon REALTORS® Education department and we can help you! Otherwise, please contact the Oregon Real Estate Agency for more information.

Do you have a complete list of Oregon REALTORS® CE courses to bring CE to my office, board, or association?

We prefer to maintain flexibility to determine class topics based on market needs. If you’d like to utilize Oregon REALTORS® resources to help you schedule education in your area, please contact the Oregon REALTORS® Education department directly so we can help you on a case-by-case basis.

Do you have a list of instructors that you use for education courses from which I can pick someone to teach a course for my organization?

We do not maintain a formal instructor pool and instead determine who will teach courses based on the topic needed.

Do you have a list of venues or facilities across the state that I can use to pick a location for an education/event?

We do not have a list of preferred venues but could assist you with your particular need based on our experience. Please contact us so we can help.