Updates to COVID-19 Buyer and Seller Advisories

| April 15, 2020

OAR put out COVID-19 Buyer and Seller Advisories on March 25, to supplement the existing OAR Buyer and Seller Advisories.  A lot has happened since then, in particular with regard to federal, state and local eviction bans.  We’ve updated the advisories again.  In them, we suggest that sellers and buyers who are dealing with tenant occupied properties contact an attorney to fully understand how the eviction bans may impact their transaction and ability to remove a tenant.  We also added language letting buyers know that they may experience changes related to mortgage lending including credit score requirements and income and employment verification.  If you sent the earlier COVID-19 Advisories to your buyers and sellers, we recommend that you send them this updated version.  https://oregonrealtors.org/protect/buyer-seller-advisories/

Buyer Advisory Updates_4.14.20

Seller Advisory Updates_4.14.20