| March 18, 2021



Complete the National Association of REALTORS® Fair Housing Challenge training by June 30, 2021 @ 5:00PM (PST) and you will be entered to win one of three prizes!  


  • Fairhaven A FREE, new interactive training platform called Fairhaven for REALTORS®, designed to help combat discrimination in U.S. real estate markets. Fairhaven is a self-paced, interactive training module that takes REALTORS® through real-life business scenarios and asks them to make decisions both for clients and their own business interests based on Fair Housing principals.
    • How to Complete:
      • Just login to Fairhaven and complete the 45-60 minute training. 
      • Already completed Fairhaven? Great! That will count for the challenge. 
  • At Home with DiversityThe course work for the At Home with Diversity® certification is designed to enable you to work successfully with and within a rapidly changing multicultural market. It will help you to learn diversity sensitivity, how it applies to U.S. fair housing laws in your business, and ways to develop professional guidelines for working with people in the increasingly multicultural real estate market. Members will also gain the At Home with Diversity Certification upon completion of this course. 
  • Implicit Bias Training: This training helps you understand how your brain works to make split-second decisions to assess the world around you. These decisions are made so quickly, you may not realize you’re even making them, or that they are influenced by family upbringing, social norms where you were raised, or stereotypes and tropes perpetuated by popular culture. But just being aware of this process in our brains can help us combat bias toward other racial groups. 

Completed the Fair Housing Challenge? Fill out this online form before June 30 to be entered into a prize drawing for one of three prizes: