Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-25 (Safe and Strong Oregon EO)

| May 26, 2020

Governor Brown has released a new Executive Order 20-25 (Safe and Strong Oregon EO. This rescinds and replaces EO 20-12 (Stay Home, Save Lives). Please be sure to read through the details as many counties are now in Phase 1 of re-opening. Here are the baseline/statewide requirements that everyone must follow, unless specifically noted below.


  • Individuals stay at or near their home or place of residence, if possible*
  • Individuals prohibited from patronizing businesses that remain closed or from engaging in any conduct prohibited by an EO or inconsistent with OHA guidance
  • If individuals leave their home they must maintain 6ft physical distance if possible and adhere to all OHA guidance including on distancing and face coverings

*Individuals in Phase 1 counties can travel locally to businesses and events that are allowed to operate in those counties.


  • Civic, cultural and religious gatherings of 25+ prohibited. Under 25 allowed if at least 6ft distance can be maintained between individuals of different households and other OHA distancing guidelines can be followed
  • Social and recreational gatherings still prohibited above 10 people. Only allowed below ten people if 6ft distance can be maintained between individuals of different households

These gatherings rules only apply to the types of gatherings described above not to work, school, grocery, retails, etc.  These other activities have their own rules.  *Phase 1 counties have separate rules (see below).

Food and drink*

  • No on-site consumption of food and beverage allowed
  • Take-out, drive-through and delivery allowed but must maintain 6ft distance between customers. Must maintain 6ft distance between employees, when possible

Phase 1 counties have their own rules  (see below).

Businesses that remain closed unless/until opened under Phase-1 or otherwise directed by Governor

  • Long list, nearly identical to original Stay Home, Save Lives order

Businesses that are allowed statewide that weren’t before

  • Ski resorts, art galleries, boutiques, furniture stores and jewelry shops
  • Any other retail not specifically prohibited by the order and that follows all guidance from OHA

Businesses that don’t follow OHA guidance will be closed.  See

Workplace restrictions

  • Work in offices prohibited when telework or remote work options are available in light of position, duties, and equipment/network adequacy
  • For any businesses that continue to conduct some office work, a person must be put in charge of ensuring physical distancing requirements are met by employees and by any customers
  • Must comply with all relevant OHA guidance

Employers who do not comply will be closed.  See guidance at

Government Buildings (State Executive Branch only, does not apply to other arms of Govt)

  • To the extent possible, closed to the public in-person and to provide services remotely; if not possible, contact between staff and the public should be by-appointment, when feasible; physical distancing measures must be established and enforced, to maximum extent possible
  • Offices must remote/telework if possible.  When not possible, must designate a person to ensure compliance with physical distancing

Outdoor Recreation

  • Individuals can recreate outside so long as they can maintain physical distancing and follow OHA guidance on outdoor recreation.
  • Private and public campgrounds have option of opening if they can comply with OHA guidance.
  • Playgrounds, sport courts and pools remain closed.


  • Individuals should minimize non-essential travel and travel the minimum distance required to complete their essential tasks.


  • Schools/higher-ed remain closed in-person; working on plan for re-opening 2020 school year. Specific guidance on schools for spring and summer available at

Child Care

  • Still subject to EO 20-19, which requires facilities to be approved to operate as emergency childcare facilities. Summer camps (day camps only) allowed to operate with limitations. Specific guidance for child care and camps available at


Phase-1 Counties (All Counties Other than Mult., and Wash.)


  • Local gatherings of up to 25 for any purpose allowed if physical distancing is maintained. Local travel to these gatherings is allowed


  • Food and drink establishments can open for limited on-site consumption
  • Personal care establishments and facilities can open for limited services (salons, gyms, etc.)
  • Other businesses may be allowed to open as identified in OHA guidance or by Governor

These businesses must follow OHA Phase-1 guidance, including guidance specific to their sector.  All statewide and Phase 1 sector-specific guidance is posted at

Enforcement and Penalties

  • EO 20-25 is a public health law enforced under ORS 431A.010 which gives the Oregon Health Authority broad powers to investigate, enter premises, and assess fines of up to $500 per day for violations, among other powers.
  • Violation of the order is also a Class C Misdemeanor under ORS 401.990

New guidance that may be issued, visit