Calendar FAQ

Can I advertise my event onto OAR’s calendar?+

We invite all of our local association, boards, and partners to Advertise Events on our calendar, with our approval. 

How do I advertise an event?+

Go to Advertise Event and fill out the form. We will receive the posting request and take it from there. 

How do I register for an event?+

First, you must select which event you’d like to attend. You can do that by going to either the calendar view or the Education & Event Details page. Once you pick your course, click the bottom link that says “Register for this event.” That link will lead you the registration area.  

I see events from all over the state and from different organizations. How do I just see OAR events?+

All of the events are color-coded for specific events. You can select which events you’d like to see in the calendar view by using the right-side-bar filtering option.