President’s Fair Housing Challenge

President's Fair Housing Challenge

Hello Fellow REALTORS®,

As REALTORS®, we are in the business of making dreams come true and helping folks find their forever home. Since 1968, that has included upholding the Fair Housing Act and ensuring all members of our community have a safe, positive homebuying experience. It is our responsibility, as REALTORS®, to understand the strengths and limitations of the Fair Housing Act, how to follow the law, and how to best serve all possible clients. Because that’s who we R.

As 2023 Oregon REALTORS® President, I reaffirm our dedication to promoting fair housing throughout our state. I urge all of you to set an example by taking on the President’s Fair Housing Challenge. Win the Fair Housing Challenge by completing all of the following trainings:


Fair housing summit

Self-Paced | Anytime | $29

Must be 2023 Fair Housing Summit

Video | Anytime | No Cost

(If you’ve completed the Bias Override course in 2022 or 2023, it counts towards this.)

Live Hybrid Event | Sept. 11 | $135

or Self-Paced | Anytime | $99

(If you’ve completed AHWD in 2021 or beyond, it counts towards this.)

Self-Paced | Anytime | No Cost

Fair Housing Challenge Winner Email Badge

Earn an Email Badge and Fall Convention Ribbon!

Complete all the steps for the President’s Fair Housing Challenge by 09/11/2023 and earn this digital email signature badge, and a ribbon to wear at the Fall Convention!

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