As mentioned earlier, advertising rules also cover business signs. License law requires every licensee who is not associated with another broker to have at least one place of business and designate that place with a sign containing the name under which the broker is licensed. For years, signage was closely regulated by administrative rule. The new advertising rules delete these provisions. Nevertheless, it is still probably a good idea have business signs located on or near the main entrance of the office or on a wall or window immediately adjacent to the entrance. If located in a general office building, the sign should be on the individual office door or, if there is no door, displayed on the desk or prominently within the area used by the broker.

Being forced by real estate license laws to have a business sign doesn”t give real estate licensees any right to ignore or violate local zoning or sign ordinances. This can sometimes be an issue, especially when it comes to real estate office signs for offices operating out of the broker”s home. Many zoning and sign ordinances prohibit business signs in residential zones. If that is the case, a licensee may find they are unable to have a home office because they cannot meet the signage requirements of license law without violating local zoning or sign ordinances.