What is this topic about?

Holding Yourself Out to the Public is about how you make the public aware of your services. To do that, you have to advertise. Real estate advertising is highly regulated by the Real Estate Agency. There are a number of state statutes affecting real estate advertising. These are covered in the Statutory Provisions Affecting Advertising section of this topic. The administrative rules that implement these statutes are explained in the Administrative Rules Affecting Advertising section.

Advertising by real estate professionals involves a lot more than just knowing the applicable statutes and rules. Agents have to understand the difference between misrepresentation and Puffing. There are rules and practices that apply to InducementsBusiness signs and using the Internet to advertise. Using CMAs and BPOs is part of Holding Yourself Out to the Public as a real estate professional.

Everyone involved in real estate has to worry about Fair Housing laws when they deal with the public. Fair Housing is discussed in the Fair Housing section of this topic. Telephoning potential clients and customers is also part of Holding Yourself Out to Public. You can find an explanation of telephone solicitation rules in the Cold Calls section.