The work of the Association is done by volunteer member leaders, assisted and supported by staff. The following are the elected positions within the organization, their duties and responsibilities, and information on how to pursue election.

The elective year is from the first day after the last day of NAR Convention (usually around Veteran's Day in November) to the last day of NAR Convention the following year.

President (ascension from President-Elect)

The President position is an ascension from the elected President-Elect position.




NAR Director


State Director

Local associations/boards elect their own State Directors. For information on becoming a State Director, contact your local association/board directly.


District Vice President

The Presidents of the local associations/boards select the District Vice President for their respective region. For information on becoming a District Vice President, see below.



Key Committees, Special Committees, Work Groups and Task Forces work continually on behalf of the membership to achieve the Association's objectives as approved in the strategic plan.

Committee assignments are made every year in early September by the President and President-Elect with the input of senior staff. At least 1/3 of the existing members of key committees shall be reappointed in each successive year.

In-person committee meetings are held, at a minimum, at the Spring and Fall Governance meetings. Interim conference calls and/or additional in-person meetings (depending on the committee) are also held throughout the year.

There are four Key Committees, eight Special Committees, and one Forum.

If you're interested in serving on a committee,

  • Attend the committee meetings as an observer at the bi-annual governance meetings in the Spring and Fall
  • Make yourself and your interest known to the current President and President-Elect and/or your local association executive or leadership

APPLY NOW! The application deadline for 2020 OAR Committees is July 20, 2019!

Business Issues Key Committee+

Description:Assist members to successfully conduct their business in an increasingly complex and changing marketplace, specifically dealing with issues involving the Real Estate Agency, Multiple Listing Service, brokerage management, and general risk management practices. Work directly with leaders from other industry related business partners by participating in forums and collaboration on development of business tools to assist members with their real estate practice.

Chair, Vice-Chair, up to 18 members including:

  • Chair of the International Business Council (IBC)
  • Property management specialist
  • MLS representative
  • Commercial practitioner
Subcommittees:Appraiser Issues, Commercial Issues
Term:1 year
Staff Liaison:Jenny Pakula, CEO

Government Affairs Key Committee+

Description:Help form and recommend policies concerning legislative issues affecting the industry and private property rights. Review and analyze legislative proposals for their effect on the real estate industry. Communicate with Association leadership and members concerning legislative and regulatory issues. Develop new, and refine existing, programs and activities that bring members into direct contact with the legislative/regulatory process.
Membership:Chair, Vice-Chair, up to 18 members

Land Use and Water Policy

Term:2 years
Staff Liaison:Jeremy Rogers, Political Affairs Director

Political Affairs Key Committee+

Description:Manage existing programs and identify new opportunities to assist members to become involved in the political process at the local, state, and federal level. Encourage and assist local association in the development of comprehensive political affairs programs at the local level. Mobilize and bring members into direct contact with elected officials and the legislative/regulatory process.
Membership:Chair, Vice-Chair, up to 18 members
Term:1 year
Staff Liaison:Jeremy Rogers, Political Affairs Director

Professional Development Key Committee+

Description:Provide opportunities to members to increase their knowledge, skills, and professionalism in order to better serve their clients and customers. Recommend and review education topics, courses, and instructors for live instruction, online education, webinars, and designations.

Chair, Vice-Chair, up to 18 members including representatives from:

  • Young Professionals Network (YPN)
  • Women's Council of REALTORS® (WCR)
  • Certified Residential Specialists (CRS)
Term:1 year
Staff Liaison:Kayla Lowery, Education Manager

Elections Committee+

Description:Certify candidates and supervise elections of all elected positions within the Association.
Membership:Chair, Vice-Chair, 6 members from different local associations/boards
Term:2 years (staggered)
Staff Liaison:Lori Broncheau, Executive Assistant

Finance Review Committee+

Description:Work for the protection and investment of the Association's assets by ensuring that accurate financial records are maintained and appropriate financial reports are developed (including the annual budget presentation to the Board of Directors). Review annual independent audit and make recommendations for any appropriate controls as needed.
Membership:Chair, 3 members
Term:2 years (staggered)
Staff Liaison:Jenny Pakula, CEO & Finance Department 

Legal Action Committee+

Description:Receive and evaluate requests for financial assistance for Amicus participation regarding litigation representing issues of substantial importance to the real estate profession. Monitor present and future legal liabilities and issues affecting real estate and licensees.
Membership:Chair, Vice-Chair, 6 members
Term:3 years (staggered)
Staff Liaison:Jenny Pakula, CEO

REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) / Board of Trustees+

Description:Raise funds for use at both state and federal political levels. Consider campaign endorsements and contributions to candidates and parties at the state government level. Coordinate member association/board political activity at the local government level.
Membership:Up to 18 members, serving 2-year staggered terms, includes Chair of the Political Affairs Committee (ex-officio) and Chair of Government Affairs Key Committee (ex-officio)
Term:2 years (staggered)
Staff Liaison:Jeremy Rogers, Political Affairs Director

Professional Standards Committee+

Description:Assure that OAR meets its obligation as a State Association concerning the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS®, including arranging for such hearings as fall within its jurisdiction, assisting local associations/boards with their professional standards enforcement, and providing training and education programs, products, and services to support these efforts.
Membership:Chair, Vice-Chair, 5 members
Term:2 years
Staff Liaison:Jenny Pakula, CEO

Issues Mobilization Committee+

Description:Promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging and stimulating REALTORS® and the general public to take a more active and effective part in issues campaigns promoting REALTOR® public policy. Provide resources for independent and in-kind expenditures in support of REALTOR® Party candidates for elected office at the local level.

Chair, Vice-Chair, Five (5) members

Term:2 years (staggered)
Staff Liaison:Jeremy Rogers, Political Affairs Director

REALTOR® of the Year (ROTY) Committee+

Description:Develop and recommend selection criteria for and select candidate for REALTOR® of the Year candidate (Spring) and nominee for Distinguished Service Award (Fall).

Chair, Vice-Chair, 5 members including:

  • Past REALTOR® of the Year – once removed (Chair)
  • Immediate past REALTOR® of the Year (Vice-Chair)
  • Other past REALTORS® of the Year (2)
  • Non-REALTORS® of the YEAR (3)
Term:1 year
Staff Liaison:Lori Broncheau, Executive Assistant

Diversity Committee+

Description:Diversity Committee 

Chair, Vice-Chair, 18 members including:

Term:1 year
Staff Liaison:Kayla Lowery, Education Manager