Oregon Leadership Academy

Academy participants will work together in training courses, combining individual study, group sessions, and actual project experience in using leadership skills.

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Principal Broker Academy

This comprehensive program is like no other. Each cohort of experienced and aspiring principal brokers is led by our cadre of highly knowledgeable Principal Brokers from around the state. During the academy, you’ll deep dive into risk management, brokerage laws and regulations, business operations, brokerage policies and procedures, contract and finance best practices, liability reduction, and leadership and management strategies. 100% of attendees agree that the knowledge they gain in this academy is worth the price!

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Professional Standards Academy

NAR requires every association to maintain a viable professional standards process to enforce the Code of Ethics and provide arbitration, mediation, and ombudsman services. Associations must have a fully functioning professional standards committee with the administrative capability to conduct the program or must administer professional standards enforcement through a multi-board (or regional) professional standards agreement with other associations or with the state association.

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