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October 23, 2019



Residential Asbestos Survey

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2019 Oregon Legislative Session

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The Oregon Association of REALTORS® is part of the National Association of REALTORS® and is one of the largest and most influential trade associations in Oregon. OAR represents 17,000+ members involved in all aspects of the real estate profession. We are your real estate business advocate, force for education and legislative advocate for free enterprise and private property rights in Oregon. For information on licensing and rule-making please contact the Oregon Real Estate Agency (OREA).

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Oregon State Credit Union Now Offers First-time Homebuyer Savings Account

To assist in making homeownership more affordable, the Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 4007 to create a First-time Homebuyer Savings account program. This program allows Oregonians to take a state tax deduction for saving towards the purchase of their first home, subject to Department of Revenue limits and conditions. Oregon State Credit Union proudly supports ...

Residential Asbestos Survey

Oregon adopted new requirements in 2018 for handling asbestos. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality requires property owners and contractors to identify asbestos and to properly handle, package and dispose of asbestos waste from demolition and renovation projects. A new requirement that’s especially applicable to the real estate industry is the new residential renovation ...

2019 Distinguished Service Award Goes to Two Recipients!

Members of the Oregon Association of REALTORS® have selected to honor two REALTORS® and community leaders for the 2019 Distinguished Service Award, Don Livingood from Medford and Lester Friedman from Bend. Both of these men have shown an outstanding legacy of work in their local, state and national REALTOR® communities. Please join us in honoring their achievements ...

2019 Oregon Legislative Session Report

The 2019 Legislative session was one of the most consequential sessions in decades with major legislation effecting business taxation, private property rights and housing supply, among other issues.

In the 2019 Legislative Session Report we review the bills passed—and those that failed—with an impact on REALTORS® and Oregon’s Real Estate Industry. The report also discusses ways ...

Update on Class Action Antitrust Litigation

REALTORS® are encouraged to have transparent conversations with current and prospective clients about the services they will provide and how they will get paid for those services. The National Association of REALTORS® developed the following message points to make sure members are up to date and knowledgeable about the litigation and help guide their conversations ...

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