HOME Foundation Grants

The Oregon REALTORS® HOME Foundation Board of Directors makes available grants of up to $3,000 to qualified recipients (per the HOME Foundation Policies & Bylaws) to be chosen by each local Board/Association. The HOME Foundation Board of Directors has the discretion to adjust individual grant awards.

The mission of the HOME Foundation is to provide financial resources to organizations that directly or indirectly increase homeownership in Oregon.

Below you will find the grant application cover letter and the appropriate format to be used when submitting a grant. This information explains what is required and who is eligible to apply for a grant. Please pass this information on to organizations within your community that could benefit from such a generous grant.

Please remember that your local Board of Directors must approve any application submitted to the Oregon REALTORS® HOME Foundation Board of Directors for review. Because the grant funds will go directly back to your community, the Oregon REALTORS® HOME Foundation Board of Directors wants local leadership to determine which organizations’ grant applications should ultimately be submitted for review. In addition, the grant application must be signed by the local Board President and Executive Officer. Grants will be distributed by mid-December. We look forward to receiving grant applications from your Board/Association. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Both forms need to be filled out. Please submit no later than November 18. 

HOME Foundation Application- 2022

HOME Foundation Grant Application Format_2022