About Oregon REALTORS®

Oregon REALTORS® was established in 1932 to organize the real estate profession in Oregon. Today, we are the REALTORS® business advocate, a force for education, and a legislative advocate for free enterprise and private property rights in Oregon. Our core purpose is to advance the ability of Oregon REALTORS® to practice the real estate profession in an ethical, profitable, and successful manner.

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Advocating to Safeguard Your Industry

Oregon REALTORS® is involved in policy and politics to safeguard your business and help protect the American dream of homeownership. Through actively engaging in the legislative process, REALTORS® are able to protect private property rights and fight for housing affordability. The policy positions of the Association are guided by the Approved Legislative Policies 2021-2022 adopted by the Board of Directors.


Commitment to Diversity

Oregon REALTORS® commits to celebrating, empowering, and respecting diverse individuals and cultures. We support our members through advocacy efforts, educational opportunities, and partnerships with our communities. We affirm our support of the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and Fair Housing. We will support and prepare our members to recognize and address implicit bias and misinformation through educational opportunities and resources within the Diversity Committee. Hate crimes and inflammatory rhetoric towards historically underserved populations are unacceptable; we refuse to discriminate against any person or persons on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, ability, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Oregon REALTORS® Presidents

J.D. Ulrich 1932-35
Henry E. Reed 1935-36
E.A. Miller 1936-37
Chester A. Moores 1937-38
Claude E. Murphy 1938
Millard C. Holbrook 1941-42
William W. Barendrick 1943-44
E.H. Peterson 1944-45
A.D. Newman 1945-46
J. Fred Braly 1946-47
Harold Rogers 1947-48
Reade M. Ireland 1948-49
Ray J. Schumacher 1949-50
Lloyd F. Carter 1950-51
Max Landon 1952
W. Bert Stevens 1953
Lee Ohmart 1954
Ralph Walstrom 1955
Coburn L. Grabenhorst 1956
C. L. Knight 1957
A. A. Horsfeldt 1958
Charles L. Paine 1959
M.L. Schmidt 1960-61
Kenneth A. Johnson 1962
Charles K. Cummings 1963
Gordon Brunton 1964
Leon S. Davis 1964-65
E.G. Stassens 1965-66
Stan Wiley 1967
John Voll 1968
Herb Smith 1969
Richard Bailey 1970
James B. Baker 1971
Patrick E. Ball 1972
Rod Girtman 1973
James Farley 1974
Ron Bentz 1975
David E. Doeleman 1976
Ronald A. Schmaedick 1977
Duane Christie 1978
Charles R. Norris 1979
Sydney Lurcott 1980
Bernard A. Young 1981
B. J. Rogers 1982
John Donnelly 1983
Jerry Fuller 1984
Robert Ohmart 1985
Doris Andersen 1986
Everett Turner 1987
Scott Taylor 1988
Ed Tyler 1989
William W. Barendrick, JR. 1990
J. Robert Bills 1991
Michael R. Graeper 1992
Alan G. Robertson 1993
Jan Stebner 1994
David Hemenway 1995
Pat Kaplan 1996
Michael Kozak 1997
John F. Scott 1998
John Baker 1999
Michael Hoover 2000
Carolyn Dozois 2001
David J. Koch 2002
Paul Tuttle 2003
Rick Harris 2004
Cynthia Balzola 2005
Jeremy Starr 2006
Art Kegler 2007
Lee Dunn 2008
Dannie Walker 2009
Alan Mehrwein 2010
Joann Hansen 2011
John Hoops 2012
Eva Sanders 2013
Amy Graham 2014
Colin Mullane 2015
Debra Gisriel 2016
George Grabenhorst 2017
Steve Strode 2018
Nan Wimmers 2019
Lori Palermo 2020
Drew Coleman 2021
Jeff Wiren 2022
Grace Bergen 2023
Ashleigh Fordham 2024