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Here are a few recent bills that directly impact the real estate business. Please refer to these guides to help you learn about the new legislation and how to implement the changes. For more information on Oregon REALTORS® legislation issues contact the Government Affairs team at

Who represents me in Oregon?

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2024 Legislative Report

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The REALTOR® Party

We are the REALTOR® Party: An energized movement of real estate professionals fighting to keep the dream of homeownership alive throughout the country. Take time to learn more about the REALTOR® Party at the national level.

Now, more than ever, it is critical for REALTORS® across America to come together and speak with one voice about the stability a sound and dynamic real estate market brings to our communities. At the local, state, and federal level, our elected officials are making decisions that have a tremendous impact on the bottom line of REALTORS® and the housing market.

In Oregon, the REALTOR® Party program is used to assist local boards and associations in implementing grassroots advocacy campaigns that support the values and priorities of REALTORS®. Local boards and associations can request financial assistance to support or oppose local ordinances or use the fund for other types of issue campaigns to influence public policy. The program is not used to support candidates for any political office, as this is the function of the REALTOR® PAC.

Download printable investment cards for distribution at your office or event.

To request funds locally, please contact the Oregon REALTORS® Public Policy Department at (503) 362-3645 (Salem) or (800) 252-9115 (Toll Free).


Why is Oregon REALTORS® involved in politics?Read More

Oregon REALTORS® is involved in politics to safeguard your business and help protect the American dream of homeownership. Through actively engaging in the legislative process, REALTORS® are able to protect private property rights and maintain housing affordability.

What legislation are we tracking?Read More

Oregon REALTORS®, through the Government Affairs Key Committee, actively tracks legislation relating to business and real estate taxation, distressed properties and foreclosures, economic development and housing affordability, land use planning, private property rights, and real estate license law. 

What is Oregon REALTORS® advocating for and why?Read More

The Oregon REALTORS® Government Affairs Department advocates before the Oregon Legislature and state regulatory agencies to support legislation and regulations that strengthen housing affordability and attainability. The association also strives to defeat legislation and regulations that negatively impact the housing market and is committed to protecting buyers and sellers to preserve the dream of homeownership.

Where do my RPAC dollars go?Read More

Since 1969, the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) has promoted the election of pro-REALTOR® candidates throughout the nation. In Oregon, the purpose of RPAC is clear: to support candidates and elected officials who share our values on issues significant to the real estate market – promoting homeownership, pursuing sustainable development opportunities and protecting private property rights.

Who can I contact regarding legislation?Read More

As a member of Oregon REALTORS® you have full access to our Government Affairs department. If you have specific questions regarding legislation you can reach out to the Policy Director Brock Nation or Chief Lobbyist Shaun Jillions.

How can I get involved?Read More

As an Oregon REALTORS® member, we encourage your participation in our policy and political process. To learn how to become actively involved in one of our policy and political key committees, please contact our association at 800-252-9115.