Member Benefits

Incredible Value

The value of your membership gives you far more in benefits and services than you pay in dues. This value will help you earn more through continuing education, networking, and advocacy for the real estate industry, all while reducing your risk and liability.

Even if you have never used an Association benefit or service, you have saved thousands of dollars in potentially lost income thanks to Oregon REALTORS® Advocacy Efforts. As an example, the 2012 defeat of transfer taxes through Measure 79 and prevention of efforts to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction in Oregon were due to work by the Oregon REALTORS® Advocacy Team, protecting you from lost sales.


Legal Hotline

Oregon REALTORS® Legal Hotline provides members the opportunity to ask real estate-related questions of an attorney specializing in real estate and contract law. We support members on a variety of topics including disclosure, license law, contracts and offers, and more. Questions answered on the Legal Hotline saves you untold dollars in legal fees. This benefit alone is an incredible value for your yearly member dues.

Learn More & Signup for Legal Hotline 

Transaction Forms

Oregon REALTORS® offers a complementary and comprehensive real estate transaction forms library for all members, with a robust and ever-expanding training library, classes, webinars, tutorials and more. Our forms are clear, user-friendly, legally-sound and responsive to industry needs. Another incredible value for your annual member dues. 

Also included with your membership is a subscription to the zipForms transactions platform!

Visit the Oregon REALTORS® Forms Website

Risk Management

On top of the Legal Hotline and Forms Library, all of our other risk management tools help you reduce your legal risk during sales transactions. These tools include:

  • Buyer & Seller Guides
  • Access to E&O Insurance
  • Code of Ethics Training & Enforcement
  • Fair Housing News & Info

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Professional Development

Association-sponsored education and designation courses earn you credits toward your continuing education requirements or REALTOR® professional designation, keep you abreast of current real estate issues, and increase your earning power.

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Oregon REALTORS® protects your interests at the state capitol by advocating for policies that safeguard your business and the real estate industry, and help protect the American dream of homeownership. Through actively engaging in the legislative process, REALTORS® are able to protect private property rights and maintain housing affordability.

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Market Data

Get all the latest news, data, and statistics about the Oregon housing market.

Visit Market News & Data Page


Check out the many opportunities to learn, connect and network with fellow Oregon REALTORS® around the state.

  • Spring Governance
  • Fall Convention & Tradeshow
  • REALTOR® Day at the Capitol
  • Regional Education Events
  • Fair Housing Summit
  • Oregon Housing Economic Summit
  • Empowering Women
  • Affinity Association Networking

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HOME Foundation

The HOME Foundation expands home ownership opportunities to Oregonians at or below the median income level by giving grants to non-profits that support our mission.

HOME Foundation annual fundraising events:

  • Driving it HOME
  • Golf Tournament
  • HOME for the Holidays Winter Gala
  • Stand Up for Homes Comedy Show
  • Dessert Auction

Get Involved with the HOME Foundation

Healthcare, Tech & Discounts

Your Oregon REALTORS® Membership also grants you access to a variety of other benefits and discounts.

See below for more details about these benefits.

Please email: for any questions about your member benefits.

EVERLANCE - Mileage, Expense, and Tax Savings AppRead More



Everlance is the #1-rated mileage, expense, and tax savings app, helping REALTORS® all over save time and money with their automated mileage and expense tracking system.

What comes with Everlance?

Effortless Mileage Tracking: Everlance Premium uses advanced GPS technology to automatically track your mileage every time you hit the road. All you have to do is a simple swipe to classify as work or personal and the rest is taken care of.

Seamless Expense Logging: No more piles of receipts and scattered expense records. Everlance Premium allows you to effortlessly log your expenses by simply linking a bank or credit card to your account, or snapping a picture of your receipts.

Deduction Finder: Everlance has your back, in case you miss a deduction or two. We’ll automatically scan your expenses for any potential deductions you missed, making sure you get every penny you’re entitled to.

IRS Compliance: Rest easy knowing that your mileage and expense logs are fully compliant with IRS guidelines, saving you from many of the potential headaches that come with an audit.

Oregon REALTORS® get all the perks of Everlance Premium Plus, for the price of Premium, or you can get started for free!


Set it and forget it, and never miss a mile.

The OREGON REALTORS® Association Health PlanRead More

We have paved the way for Oregon REALTORS® brokerages and their employees to finally obtain affordable group health coverage.  Please note this is a GROUP health plan, not individual coverage. As a result, there are eligibility criteria required by the state that we must follow in order to provide insurance to the Oregon REALTORS®.

"Just a quick note to thank you and Oregon REALTORS® very much...we were finally able to obtain formal approval for group health insurance for MORE Realty through Providence. It is benefiting quite a few of our agents and staff...
Candace and Danny at Laporte insurance have been our advocates for this program and helped us more than I can express. They have been absolutely wonderful and couldn't be more happy with their efforts and time."
-Paul Knighton, President/CEO, MORE® Realty

"Not only has the association health plan delivered better health coverage options for our agents, it's allowed us to recruit top-tier administrative staff as well. For the health of our people, for recruitment, for retention--we couldn't have made a better move. If you're looking to improve the support you provide your people, this is your next step."
-Brad Twiss, Owner/Principal Broker, Neighbors Realty

Click the links below for information on copays, deductibles and plan options.

2024 Association Health Plan

2024 Dental and Vision Benefits

Following the 2018 launch of a health insurance survey by the National Association of REALTORS® and substantial work and effort, Oregon REALTORS® and Johnson Benefits Group are thrilled to announce that we will be offering Oregon REALTORS®, along with company employees access to affordable health insurance through our partner, Providence Health Plans.

The team is proud to have broken through the barriers to obtain affordable health insurance which has plagued the real estate industry for many years.  The NAR survey revealed that many REALTORS® that have insurance are covered through a spouse or the individual market. However, there is also a significant group unable to purchase insurance at all through any channel due to the high premium cost. 

Working together Oregon REALTORS®, Providence Health Plan and Johnson Benefits Group will be taking advantage of the purchasing power of the full Oregon REALTORS®  membership, brokerage staff and family members.  The size of the REALTORS® will ensure you receive excellent benefits at a lower cost.

Eligibility Guidelines for the Oregon REALTORS® Association Health Plan

Group Eligibility

  • Groups must maintain membership in good standing with Oregon REALTORS®.
  • Plans are available to groups of 2 or more in combination of REALTORS® and W-2 employees with a minimum of 2 enrolled.
  • Family Business (when all eligible employees are family members). There must be at least one bonafide/payrolled statutory employee enrolling (not including the spouse of the realtor) – most recent Oregon Department of Revenue - Form 132 (State of Oregon payroll tax form) will be required to substantiate employee status at the time of quoting.
  • Groups of 2-9 enrolled may offer two (2) Medical plans with different deductibles. The same riders must be selected for both Medical plans. No enrollment minimum for each plan.
  • Groups of 10 or more enrolled may offer up to three (3) Medical plans. The same riders must be selected for all Medical plans. No enrollment minimum for each plan.

Group Requirements

  • Employer must contribute at least 50% of the W-2 employee only premium for medical. There is no requirement for contribution for REALTOR® or dependent premium.
  • Employers can set eligibility between 17.5 and 30 hours per week for W-2 employees. There is an assumption that REALTOR® enrollees work full time.
  • 75% participation is required for the Medical plan. Eligible employees must enroll on the plan unless they are waiving to other qualified coverage. All waivers must be verified on the waiver form. Final rates are determined by final enrollment. If enrollment varies from quoted enrollment, rates will change.
  • Qualified coverage includes other Group Coverage, Medicare, VA/Tricare and Indian Health Services.
  • Employers can set the following probationary waiting periods, first of the month following date of hire, 30 or 60 days.
  • Domestic Partner coverage: Oregon REALTORS® Health Plan covers registered same-gender domestic partners as required by law and opposite-gender domestic partners.
  • Employee-only contracts are not available. Oregon REALTORS® Health Plans does not offer contracts which exclude children from eligibility.
  • Dependent children are eligible for coverage up to age 26.
  • Authorization for ACH must be received by the 10th of the month prior to the month of coverage. For example, to pay July premiums authorization for ACH must be received no later than June 10th.
  • Payment will be processed on or around the 20th of each month for the following month’s premiums.

Other Provisions

  • All groups will be considered primary over Medicare.
  • All groups are subject to COBRA. COBRA Administration is available through QVI Risk Solutions (QVI) and will be administered by the individual groups.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my firm/agency is eligible?

Each covered firm must have at least one common law employee and either a W2 employee or realtor for a minimum of two enrolling, and be in good standing with the Oregon REALTORS®A common law employee cannot be the owner or spouse of an owner, retired or former employee, independent contractor, leased, seasonal, or temporary employee

If a firm/agency meets the above criteria, common law employees, W2 employees, realtors (independent contractors), owners, and domestic partners are eligible for this association health plan.  Additionally, a group Medicare plan is available to retirees of the Oregon REALTORS®


How many plans can I offer?

Firms can have two plans if they have 2-9 enrolling eligible, and up to three plans for firms with 10 or more enrolling eligible employees/realtors.


What is the enrollment submission deadline?

All materials must be submitted to the Oregon REALTORS® preferred agent/agency by the 15th of the month prior to the requested effective date.  If all materials are not received by the 15th, the effective date will be pushed out one month and rates are subject to change.


How does the participation requirement and waivers work?

Seventy-five percent participation is required for eligible employees/realtors (if realtor class is being offered coverage) for each firm within the association.  Valid waivers do not count against participation and include other group coverage, Medicare, VA/Tricare and Indian Health Services. Waivers must include the name of the waiving employee/realtor on the front of the form, and the waiver section (4) on the back of the form (signature and date required).


What if someone leaves the firm, does that affect participation?

Participation is audited at time of enrollment and renewal only.  Mid-year terminated enrollees will be offered COBRA and are entitled to 18-36 months of coverage, dependent upon their qualifying event.


Does this coverage extend to independent contractors (1099)?

Yes, this has been designed to cover both common law employees and independent contractors for affordable access to an association health plan (group coverage).


Does each person pay his or her own premium?

Firms are required to pay a minimum of 50% contribution for W2/enrolled common law employees.  For realtors/independent contractors (1099) there is no firm contribution requirement.  QVI Risk Solutions has been contracted to collect premiums from both the firms and enrolling realtors/contracted enrollees.  This is through ACH transfer for realtors, and a firm ACH/EFT transfer for the W2/common law employees.  The cost is $6.50 per person per month.


What effective date can a firm have and what is needed to enroll?

Each firm can have their own effective date (first of the month) and the association health plan is offered with effective dates of 11/1/2020 and after.  A complete employee/realtor/dependent covered census is needed to supply a quote. Final rates are based upon final enrollment.  A completed Master Contract Application and employee/realtor enrollment forms/waivers are needed to process enrollment.   


Can you send me the rate sheet?

Rates are determined by the dynamics of the individual firms seeking a group quote.  A census is needed that includes name, date of birth, gender and zip code for all covered eligible enrollees (common law employees, independent contractors, W2 employees) and indicating whether they are enrolling or not.  Final rates are based on the final enrolling census.


What if I am retired, is there coverage options for me?

A group Medicare option is available for all members of the Oregon REALTORS® that are considered retired. Please contact Dave Johnson for more details.


What is the probationary period and hours worked requirement?


Each firm can determine their probationary period with one of the following:  First of the month following date of hire, 30 or 60 days.  Hours worked can be set by each firm between 17.5 and 30 hours per week (with the assumption that realtors work on average a full time schedule as set per each firm).


Ready to Sign Up? Here's who to call: 

Portland, Salem
Lebanon Area
Eugene/Springfield Area
Medford/Grants Pass Area
Central Oregon
Pendleton Area
Coos Bay Area


BetterHelp Counseling ServicesRead More

Oregon REALTORS® has partnered with BetterHelp to support the health and wellbeing of our members. Get matched with a licensed therapist for professional counseling. Get 30% off your first month today.


TechHelpline - Your Tech Support TeamRead More

Tech Helpline is a member benefit offering support for hardware, software, networking and digital devices. The Tech Helpline will troubleshoot problems and offer solutions on a variety of topics:

  • Instruction for installing and configuring new hardware and software
  • Diagnosis and repair of computer hardware and software issues
  • Advice for purchasing hardware, software and services
  • Basic instruction with major software applications
  • Recommendations for upgrades and updates
  • Advice for performance optimization
  • Troubleshooting network issues

Support is available Monday – Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pacific Time. Call (888) 804-8226 or visit the online chat support at or email For a complete list of computer support visit

Prove It by Tesoro - Homeowner Proof-of-Ownership ReportRead More

What is Prove It by Tesoro?

Many homeowners assume their insurance policy covers the full value of their personal property in case of a loss or damage. They don’t realize that to get as much as possible, they must prove what they owned after a disaster. Prove It by Tesoro helps homeowners create a proof-of-ownership report before disaster strikes.

Prove It by Tesoro makes it simple. Their professional remote inspectors take photos with the homeowner’s cell phone camera and they write down the homeowner's descriptions what they own. Homeowners then receive a secure, private proof-of-ownership report, which they can view or update anytime.

Hopefully, homeowners will never need to file a claim, but if they do, their Prove It by Tesoro report will supply evidence of ownership, so their insurance provider can justify offering the proper value for all that was lost.

Prove It can help ensure that replacing their treasures is not a disaster of its own.

REALTORS® Use Prove It by Tesoro as a Marketing Service

Like REALTORS®, Prove It Helps New Homeowners for Years to Come

Moving is the perfect time to document and inventory personal property. No one knows exactly what they own than a person who has just moved or who are preparing to move. REALTORS® are uniquely positioned to help their clients secure their financial future by including a Prove It in their services to their clients.

Prove It is a Marketing Power Tool for REALTORS®

Using Prove It to merchandise your services to new and existing clients offers REALTORS® a major marketing advantage.

When REALTORS® spend an hour with new homeowners AFTER they’ve moved in, they give new homeowners the friendly support they need and that short time together gives REALTORS® a rich opportunity to earn valuable referrals.
REALTORS® can white label the Prove It report with their logo, contact information, and other branding.
The Prove It REALTOR® Marketing Opportunity

Use Prove It to merchandise your services to new and existing clients. Help new homeowners with their inspections, providing them support they need and giving you more time to seek valuable referrals. White label the Prove It report with your logo and contact information.

Oregon REALTORS® Association Member Pricing

$129 single service (reg. $299/3,000 sq ft home)

To purchase, visit or call 1-844-535-2020

$99 with bulk discount (10+)

Please Contact: Matt Bunker

Email Matt Bunker at

or call 1-844-535-2020

adidas Employee Store AccessRead More

All members are welcome to shop at the adidas Employee Store.
Watch for the monthly eNews to see which dates this offer is available!

For store access, present your member card and a valid photo ID.
Guests may bring up to 4 additional friends or family members per visit.

Columbia Sportswear DiscountRead More

Every Wednesday - Columbia Sportswear EE store invitation

Download your NAR Membership Card for these benefits and so much more! 

NAR Membership Card

REALTOR® Team StoreRead More

Use Promotion Code: OAR2

odp BUSINESS SOLUTIONS™ - Office Supplies & Printing NeedsRead More

ODP Business Solutions offers Oregon REALTORS® members a great discount program on office supplies, furniture, and printing needs for your business.

The Member Discount Program allows you to shop online and have your order delivered the next day or available for pick up in an hour at any one of ODP Business Solutions retail locations. You can find a location nearest to you here

Members receive:

  • Steep discounts on a core list of 1,300+ items
  • Huge savings on print and copy services
  • 10% off on most catalog items
  • Enjoy FREE delivery on qualifying orders of $50 or more, within local delivery areas

Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance with PEARL INSURANCERead More




As a leader in the insurance industry for nearly 60 years and a long-time partner of the Oregon REALTORS®, Pearl Insurance is proud to share with you our quality Errors & Omissions Insurance which offers valuable coverage that's better and more affordable than ever before.

Get a Quote
Receive a quote and choose to bind coverage or renew your policy. As a Pearl Insurance insured, you'll gain access to our quality Real Estate Errors & Omissions Insurance as well as:

  • Extensive risk management tools and services
  • Superior customer service
  • Proactive claims handling and assistance by the experienced XL claims staff
  • Expert defense against a claim from Oregon's dedicated panel counsel

Get a Premium Estimate
Not ready for a quote? No problem. Simply take a couple of minutes to complete our premium estimate form. Our sales representatives will use this information to get a quote for you and will contact you within 24 hours.

Mediation & Arbitration ServicesRead More


Arbitration Service of Portland, Inc. ( administers arbitrations and mediations throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. Founded in 1985, ASP is a reasonably priced arbitration service with high-quality arbitrators and procedural rules designed to meet the expectations and practices of Oregon lawyers. ASP is designated in arbitration clauses in printed business forms used throughout Oregon by many types of businesses (such as banks, title insurance companies, Realtor associations, and motor vehicle dealers) and in contracts prepared by Oregon attorneys for business, construction, commercial, real estate, employment, consumer, and other transactions. ASP has created arbitrator panels in key cities throughout Oregon (including Portland, Salem, Eugene, Medford, Grants Pass, Klamath Falls, Bend, Pendleton and the Oregon coast) for the thousands of private arbitrations ASP has administered.

Call (503) 226-3109 (Toll free 800-423-1216) or fill out their form to request a mediation.